"Geoff Calkins chronicled my time in Memphis perfectly. I was lucky to spend two tours of basketball duty in Memphis. Geoff explained the significance and history that the Grizzlies made in my time like no one else. Reading his stories brings me right back to draft night, our first game, and to our first playoff win. Geoff understands the people, the history of Memphis, and the love of sports like no other journalist and weaves an amazing collection of stories about Memphis."
Shane Battier, NBA Player 2001-2014
"There’s no place quite like Memphis, and no one who captures its colorful characters and quirks better than Geoff Calkins. Geoff understands that statues and skyscrapers might tell you what a city is trying to be, but the way we root for, live for and die for our sports teams – well, that’s a city telling you its soul. In After the Jump, Geoff makes local stories feel big, and big stories feel local. Just a pleasure to read."
Rachel Nichols, ESPN Host
"I was blessed as a teen to read Jim Murray daily in The LA Times and as an adult I have that same  good fortune in regularly being entertained by Geoff Calkins' insights, colorful and clever portraits, and expressions of the human experience. In After the Jump he has given us a look back at the last two amazing decades of sport and people in Memphis and beyond. The book will only appreciate in value as we reflect on the events that lifted, and sometimes deflated us, but were the personal events that we've shared as Memphians."
Rep. Steve Cohen (TN-09)
“I’m a big Memphis sports fan – from Tigers to Grizzlies and everything in between. For 20 years, I’ve read Geoff Calkins’ takes on the sports I love the most. And even if I don’t always agree with him, I know I’ll be informed – and entertained!”
Mayor Jim Strickland
“For even the best writers, it is rare to transcend commentary and actually become protagonist. Geoff did that during the pursuit of the Grizzlies and the civic struggle to bring them here. I am convinced that were it not for his writing in 2001, the Grizzlies wouldn’t be here. I am forever grateful, and so should everyone from sports fans to those who doubted that the municipal financial investment would be wise."
Staley Cates, President & Chief Investment Officer, Southeastern Asset Management
"The Commercial Appeal was lucky to land such a terrific storyteller so many years ago, and Geoff is actually the columnist I spent my formative years reading. Now, two decades later, it’s cool that I can call him both a friend and colleague -- and that he's still in Memphis telling wonderful stories."
Gary Parrish, CBS Sports